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Syed Saddiq shaves his head bald after successfully raising RM200,000 for fundraiser

Malaysia’s former youth and sports minister Syed Saddiq Abdul Rahman has stayed true to his word.

He has shaved his head bald on Wednesday, Dec. 30, after successfully raising RM200,000 (S$65,600) in five days for his fundraiser programme named “One Family, One Laptop”.

Shaved bald on live broadcast

In a special live broadcast by Malaysian network Astro Awani, the 28-year-old politician’s mother spent more than 20 minutes cutting his hair.

He later tweeted a TikTok video of the outcome, and jokingly called himself Yang Botak (the bald one) and Syed Saitama (a bald anime character):

Funds raised to get laptops for needy students

As part of his fundraiser, Syed aims to give out a total of 500 laptops to 500 needy families by the end of 2021.

The #BotakChallenge (Bald Challenge) is one of the ways he came up with to raise donations for students coming from families in need in Muar, the constituency which he serves in.

As part of the challenge, Syed had vowed to shave his head if he managed to raise RM200,000 (S$65,600) for 100 laptops in five days.

In a bid to tease his followers, he had also shared a photoshopped image of himself with his head shaved.

Well, he doesn’t need photoshop anymore.