Berita & Rencana

Providing Equal Access and Means to Education

Education has always been something personal and close to my heart. Having a teacher as a mother has taught me a lot.

I grew up understanding how important equality in education is.

I grew up understanding that while some things are considered as basic to many, they are actually privileges to some others.

I grew up understanding that without equal access and equal means to education, we will never be able to break the cycle of poverty.

After the schools reopening announcement was made, many parents in my constituent have contacted my team and myself, asking for help especially in purchasing school uniforms for their children.

Due to the pandemic, many families have lost their source of income and struggled to make ends meet.

While parents are struggling to provide basic needs such as food on the table and roof above the children’s heads, school uniform has become a privilege – secondary to means of survival.

It is my duty to help them. My duty to ensure that no children is made to feel they are lesser than their peers just because they do not have the privilege to buy new school uniforms.

My parliamentary allocation has been cut. But I will not give up and forget my duty to Muar.

From ThunderBOLD 1.0, my team and I have managed to raise RM200,000~ to buy 400 tablets for underprivileged students. This is also to lessen the digital gap in education.

I believe in the power of the people.

ThunderBOLD 2.0 comes in a new format to focus on critical thinking skills. For RM100, I’ll be sharing all the tips to having good critical thinking skills in a 2-hours session. In return, all proceeds will be used to buy school uniforms for underprivileged students in Muar.

Help me help the people of Muar ❤️

See you in class!

Join us.