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No Child Should be Left Behind in Education

I’m a staunch believer that when there’s a will, there’s always a way.

Before I left for Singapore, I had conducted 2 fundraising projects – Botak Challenge and ThunderBOLD 1.0. Both campaigns are conducted to buy laptops and gadgets for the underprivileged students in Muar.

Last Thursday while in Singapore, I “followed” @afiqah.zlkfl through video call while she went on the ground and delivered tablets to the students.


Through the video call, I spoke with some parents and some told me that their biggest concern now is on buying school uniforms for their children. A parent even showed me the state of her child’s old uniform – all worn out. She was worried that her child will be made fun of in school.

No child should be left behind in education. And no child should suffer from discrimination through birth lottery.

Although I’m currently serving my 14 days quarantine in Singapore, I will not forget my duty to serve the people of Muar. Hence I have launched ThunderBOLD 2.0.

ThunderBOLD 2.0 comes in a new format to focus on critical thinking skills. For RM100, I’ll be sharing all the tips to having good critical thinking skills in a 2-hours session. In return, all proceeds will be used to buy school uniforms for underprivileged students in Muar.

See you in class!

Join us.