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Custodial Death: Syed Saddiq Under Probe Over Video Calling for Justice

Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman today said that he is being investigated by police for a video where he demanded justice for the late A Ganapathy, who died while being treated at hospital after being arrested in February.

In a tweet, the politician questioned the need for police to launch a probe against him, but promises that he will give full cooperation.

“Yesterday, I was informed by the police that I am under investigation for the video that I posted demanding justice for the late Ganapathy who was found dead in police custody.

“I will give full cooperation to the police. They are not my enemies. They are my friends, they are my colleagues.

“Those who disrespect the rule of law are the ones who I stand firmly against,” he said in a short video clip posted on his Twitter account this afternoon.

It was reported that Ganapathy was arrested on Feb 24 to facilitate investigation into a sibling who was wanted by the police.

On March 11, the mother of the deceased, S Thanaletchumy, 60, lodged a report at the Gombak district police headquarters regarding the allegation that her son was beaten while in custody.

She claimed to have been contacted by a policeman on March 8, who informed her that her son had been released and treated at the intensive care unit of Selayang Hospital.

Ganapathy died at the hospital on April 18.

Following this, on April 28 Syed Saddiq posted a video on Twitter, where he raised the issue about custodial deaths and demanded that justice be served for Ganapathy.

Syed Saddiq (above) in his Tweet today also raised the issue about another death in custody, which reportedly occurred yesterday at the same police station in Gombak where Ganapathy was detained.

“The same day I was informed I am under police investigation, the same day the country was hit by another tragic death in police custody.

“Justice for saudara (S) Sivabalan (a security guard). What makes Sivabalan’s death more tragic was that it took place in the same police station as the late Ganapathy.

“This is intolerable. Why investigate an MP who is executing his basic duty demanding justice and defending the rule of law?” he said.

Before Syed Saddiq, two Malaysiakini journalists were called for questioning by police earlier this week over three articles published on Ganapathy’s death.

Another Malaysiakini journalist was also called to give his statement but is currently unable to due to Covid-19 quarantine order.